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About Agathos

Agathos is more than a website—it's a spiritual compass guiding you towards the core principles of the Good God Theology. We recognize the universal quest for understanding, connection, and transcendence, and provide a platform for exploring these profound themes within the context of divine goodness. Agathos is a community for spiritual seekers, offering a safe and supportive space to delve into the mysteries of divinity and the inherent goodness of being.

"At the heart of Agathos is the belief that goodness is more than just an attribute - it's a state of being. We advocate for the practice of mindfulness, self-reflection, compassion, and gratitude, as pathways to spiritual awakening. Our philosophy intertwines ancient wisdom with modern psychological insights to bring about a balanced and holistic approach to spiritual wellbeing."

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Dr. Tito Padin

Spiritual Leader

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